10+ Colombian Swimwear Brands for Beach & Pool

Colombian swimwear brands embody elegance, quality, and style inspired by Latin American roots. Brands like TOOLOUD, UjENA, Maaji, and more offer unique designs perfect for beach days.

colombian swimwear brands

Choosing the best swimsuit goes beyond looking at its beautiful print. The right suit should be supportive and classy and look natural. The best swimwear brands often come from Latin American designers. 

It’s not surprising because most of the swimwear brands from this region are inspired by their surroundings and the rich regional histories. Colombian swimwear brands for the beach and pool never disappoint. Here’s a look at some of the best brands worth buying for those hot summer days.

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Are you looking to dive into Columbian culture in style? TOOLOUD Colombia Flag AOP Swimsuit has a Columbia flag print, making it an excellent choice for individuals who want to look unique. If you don’t want the mix of yellow, blue, and maroon colors on your bikini, you can replace the colors.

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You can also buy matching outfits for the entire family. Ideally, the swimsuit is one of the best ways to represent Columbia. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Columbia or not; it’s a sporty flag bikini that will give you a great look.

UjENA Swimwear

UjENA Swimwear White Sheer is another perfect Colombian swimwear that is fresh and stylish. The top and bottom outfits match, meaning they are a good fit for anyone looking stylish and simple.

The swimwear is entirely sheer when wet and slightly sheer when dry. Women generally love it because it also gives them the perfect shape from the backside. Plus, it’s the best way to bring out your daring personality at the beach.


Maaji Women's Standard Colombian Paradise Bikini Top Swimsuit, Multi, Medium

The Maaji Women’s Standard Colombian Paradise Bikini Top is an excellent pick if you’re looking for swimwear with a cute mix of prints. The bikini can be worn in different ways, giving you room for flexibility while enjoying yourself at the beach. It also features removable soft cups.

Maaji collection also serves you with many new arrivals that will surpass your expectations. For instance, you can go for the Midnight Black Dainty Underwire Bikini Top, Midnight Black Stunning Cut Out One Piece, Jacobean Rocks Sporty Bralette Bikini Top, and more. The brand delivers, and you can surely be spoilt for choice with their many classy selections.

Turcua Swimwear

Turcua Swimwear also brings Columbian culture to life with its exceptional swimsuits designed with love and passion. The Turcua brand prides itself in going beyond providing women with ordinary swimsuits.

It delivers the best quality with the best designs and comfort. You can choose your ideal swimwear from the categories the brand offers. For instance, if you’re more interested in quality, you can pick a swimsuit that meets your expectations.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for comfort, the brand’s fabrics are made using unique materials, giving space for elongation, which yields maximum comfort. They also have a plethora of designs that are quite innovative.

Bahia Maria

One of the main things women consider when choosing from an array of swimwear brands is the ability to look stylish and trendy. Bahia Maria line of swimwear suits is the best. They deliver the best quality swimming suits for the beach and pool.

The brand offers sophisticated and elegant designs. The suits are strikingly beautiful with their Latina ruffle, and you can match the suit with shorts and jeans to your liking.

Bahia Maria brand also stands out due to its authenticity and quality materials used in making their swimwear suits. Part of the brand’s primary goal is to highlight women’s beauty. As a result, it’s one of the best Colombian swimwear brands to keep on your radar.

Johanna Ortiz

It’s not a surprise Johanna Ortiz is also included in this list. This brand continues to deliver feminine, elegant, and exceptional designs.

Most of the swimwear from this line features a fresh color palette and unique silhouettes. All the ruffles used for the swimwear designs are from Columbia.


Puntamar swimwear is also ranked among the best Colombian swimwear. The brand launched in 2016 to reflect an elegant and avant-garde lifestyle. Trendy designs characterize the swimsuits to give women a unique appeal when wearing swimsuits.

One of its latest collections – Hexagonal, depicts a new age of Puntamar, pushing ruffles and color combinations to the next level in the industry.

You’ll fall in love with the handmade ruffles from hexagons, which create a visual impression like flowers for every piece. The mix and match of colors in its designs also create a layered image of the swimsuits.

Puntamar strives to revolutionize how people perceive swimsuits. Some suits can be matched with jeans and shorts and even worn in the streets.

PQ Swim

The quality of your swimwear will always be a determinant factor when selecting the right suit to wear at the bear or in the pool. PQ Swimsuits are designed with quality in mind.

PQ is an acronym for Pure Quality. The brand targets women who want to look and feel confident even when wearing their swimsuits.

If you’re looking for a trendy look, the brand’s Resort 2023 collection features swimsuits that will remind you of the blissful shores of Boca Grande.

The Pink Pearl designs are worth adding to your shopping cart for a more feminine touch. Guess what? There are swimsuits even for kids. Your kids will look lovely in these suits as they have a fantastic time at the pool or beach.

Mar de Lua

Mar de Lua is the right pick if you’re looking for a swimwear brand that is 100% Colombian. The suits are stylish and energetic. Any piece you choose will leave you with a dazzling, curvy look.

The designs are uniquely crafted to fit your body perfectly, highlighting your beauty with every step you take. The best part is that there are flatters that suit all body types. So, small and big-bodied women will have something to fit into.

Smeralda Swimwear

Smeralda launched five years ago but has risen to high ranks in the market to appeal to a large audience. One of the main selling aspects of this brand is that it offers some of the best swimwear designs at affordable prices. The fine prints you’ll wear at the beach are ECO fabrics.

They are recycled from bottles and fishing nets recovered from the sea. Besides wearing swimsuits, you can buy the brand’s bikini bags made from organic cotton. Remember that you don’t have to break the bank to get this brand’s swimsuits and other products from recycled materials.

Palmacea Swimwear

They say old is gold and Palmacea Swimwear fits this description. The brand launched in 2012 and continues to dominate the market with its outstanding swimwear. The plants and animals inspire Palmacea’s designs in Columbia.

The brand strives to deliver colorful prints with versatile silhouettes. Palmacea also has a wide array of swimsuit options from its collections. Its latest collection, Macarena, features a suit that changes color when struck by the sun’s rays.

Summer is always hot, and there’s no better way to enjoy yourself with your family than to spend time at the beach or hang out in the pool. You don’t need to compromise on the swimwear attire since you now have 10 of the best Colombian brands.

Finding the perfect piece of Colombian Swimwear has never been easier!

More FAQs

Where is Agua Bendita swimwear from?

Agua Bendita swimwear is from Colombia and has become a leading brand in the country due to its distinctive handmade designs. With thirty stores across Colombia, the brand has expanded its presence to over fifty countries worldwide.

Where is Benoa Swim made?

Benoa Swim is made in Indonesia at our factory, where our bikinis are ethically handcrafted by middle-aged workers. These workers are paid fair wages, allowing them to sustain their livelihoods. Additionally, they have the privilege of taking their sewing machines home after work and even have their own businesses outside of their regular working hours.

Who is the owner of Lagoa swimwear?

The owner of Lagoa Swimwear is Lauren Elizabeth. She was inspired to start the business while living in Brazil.

Where is Oye swimwear made?

Oye swimwear is made in a small atelier in Istanbul, meticulously crafted by twin sisters Ayca and Zeynep Sadikoglu. The swimwear brand offers daring, yet feminine, seductive designs using the highest quality fabrics.

Where is Jolyn swimwear made?

Jolyn swimwear is made in factories located in the United States, Mexico, and Vietnam, ensuring safe, fair, legal, and humane working conditions. As a socially responsible company, we prioritize the well-being of our production crew and collaborate closely with them to ensure the highest quality of our suits.

Who designs Agua Bendita?

The designers of Agua Bendita are Mariana Hinestroza and Catalina Ɓlvarez, who serve as the brand’s creative directors. Agua by Agua Bendita has gained popularity among the fashion elite during the summer season. We had the opportunity to interview Mariana Hinestroza and Catalina Ɓlvarez, where they shared insights on their sources of inspiration, personal style, and the essential pieces that make Agua Bendita a success.

What is a trikini swimsuit?

A trikini swimsuit is a beachwear garment consisting of three pieces. It derives its name from the word “bikini,” which was originally named after Bikini Atoll. However, in the case of a trikini, the prefix “bi-” indicating “two” is replaced with “tri-” indicating “three.”

What is a Nanogrip swimsuit?

A Nanogrip swimsuit is a type of swimsuit that features a blended Nanogrip lining. This lining is designed to move with the body, providing a soft and comfortable feel. Additionally, it offers excellent slip resistance when wet. The swimsuit also includes a small envelope key pocket with an internal key loop on the right-rear waist. Furthermore, it is worth noting that this swimsuit is Fair Trade Certifiedā„¢ Sewn.

What is the softest swimsuit material?

The softest swimsuit material is nylon, which has a delightful texture that adds to its appeal. By enhancing its stretch factor, the swimwear becomes more practical and comfortable to wear.

How do you know if a swimsuit is good quality?

To determine if a swimsuit is of good quality, you can assess it based on several factors. Firstly, examine the fabric by feeling its thickness and softness. Additionally, conduct a stretch test by pulling the fabric in various directions and ensuring that it recovers well. Furthermore, it is important to inspect the lining of the swimsuit. Poor quality suits often lack full lining or have partial lining. On the other hand, high-quality swimsuits are fully lined, providing better support and increasing the longevity of the suit.

What is high quality swimwear material?

High quality swimwear material is a polyester/elastane blend, which consists of elastane, a highly stretchable fabric commonly known as Spandex or Lycra, and polyester, a colorfast and chlorine-resistant material. Another suitable fabric for swimwear is nylon.

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