7+ Semi Inground Pool Brands for Affordable Swimming

Semi-inground pools offer a stylish and affordable alternative to traditional options. Key brands include Whispering Wind II, Blue Wave Belize, Lake Effect Lifestyle, Quest, Palisades, Sierra Nevada, and Chesapeake.

semi inground pool brands

During the dog days of summer, there is nothing quite like taking a dip in your backyard swimming pool. What’s not so great is the cost.

With the average cost for installing an inground pool hovering around $35,000 in 2022, this is simply not an option for most homeowners.

The alternative solution for most people that want the convenience of a pool without the cost of an inground option has been to buy and install an above-ground pool.

However, some people shy away from above-ground pools because of the inconvenience and aesthetic that it provides. 

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Another alternative that is becoming more popular is a combination of the two. A semi-inground pool takes the materials and affordability of an above-ground pool and combines them with the looks and convenience of an inground pool. 

The concept is simple enough. Have an opening dug in the ground in the shape of your above-ground pool, and install the materials inside the hole.

The depths can vary but should be halfway between the base and top of the pool walls. 

Several manufacturers and brands provide the materials for semi-inground pools. We will discuss some of the best semi inground pool brands in this article.Β 

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Whispering Wind II

This above-ground pool is fully inground compatible making it perfect for semi-inground installation.

This pool is available in both oval and round designs and has a limited lifetime warranty. 

There are five sizes to choose from for both round and oval designs. 

15’ x 24’18’
15’ x 30’21’
18’ x 33’24’
18’ x 36’27’
18’ x 39’30’

Blue Wave Belize

Another quality option for semi-inground pools is the Belize model from Blue Wave. These sturdy metal-walled pools have been around for years and are featured at Home Depot.

The combination of high-quality construction and affordability makes this pool one of the most popular on the market. 

The sturdy steel walls make it perfect for semi-inground installation. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and easy-to-understand installation instructions.

This model is available in both round and oval designs. There are several sizes available for each design.

12’ x 24’15’
15’ x 30’18’
18’ x 33’24’

Lake Effect Lifestyle

Lake Effect Lifestyle 15-Foot-by-30-Foot Oval Above-Ground Swimming Pool | 54-Inch Height | Resin Protected Steel-Sided Walls | Bundle with Sunlight Overlap Liner & Widemouth Skimmer

A strong metal wall is one consistent quality you will notice when it comes to above-ground pools being used as semi-inground options.

The Lifestyle by Lake Effect is no exception. The sturdy metal walls are perfect for this purpose, and the resin-covered caps and beams add extra support. 

This kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a limited 30-year warranty. Several design options are available and come in both round and oval shapes. 

12’ x 18’12’
12’ x 24’15’
15’ x 24’18’
15’ x 30’21’
18’ x 33’27’


This sturdy, high-quality above-ground pool is durable enough for your semi-inground pool project. The sleek yet rugged design comes with a limited 60-year warranty.

The Quest line of pools is made with heavy-duty metal walls coated with Duratex 2000 finish to ward off corrosion.

The resin-covered oversized fasteners and connectors ensure this pool will last for years.

This model is available in both round and oval shapes in several different sizes that will fit any size backyard.

12’ x 17’15’
12’ x 20’18’
12’ x 24’21’
15’ x 26’24’
15’ x 30’27’
18’ x 3330’
18’ x 40’33’
21’ x 43’


This incredibly sturdy pool is made from galvanized steel and is designed to stand up to the harshest climates and weather activity. This ruggedness makes it an excellent choice for your semi-inground pool project.

The Palisades pool line comes with a limited 25-year warranty and easy DIY instructions.

The walls are made with reinforced galvanized steel. The steel verticals and top rails are coated with anti-corrosion material designed to last for years.

This above-ground pool is available in both round and oval shapes and a variety of sizes.

12’ x 24’15’
16’ x 32’18’
18’ x 33’21’

Sierra Nevada

This pool manufacturer prides itself on producing the strongest, longest-lasting pools on the market.

From the thickness of the metal walls to the strength of its connectors and vertical uprights, Sierra Nevada challenges you to compare the quality of its material to their competitors.

They claim that their metal walls are 30-60 lbs heavier and, therefore, sturdier than the industry average. The zinc-clad hot-dipped galvanized steel includes several layers of protective coating. 

The Sierra Nevada line comes with an 8-year full 100% warranty with an additional 22-year Pro-Rated warranty.

This model is available in both round and oval shapes and a variety of sizes.

12’ x 20’16’
12’ x 24’18’
16’ x 24’21’
16’ x 28’24’
16’ x 32’27’
18’ x 33’30’


Another sturdy pool option from the same manufacturers of the Sierra Nevada line is the Chesapeake. Both pools are designed and manufactured by Doughboy. 

While the design and look of the pools are unique from each other, you will get the same quality material and extensive warranty with both options. 

This model is available in round and oval shapes as well as a variety of sizes.

12’ x 20’16’
12’ x 24’18’
16’ x 24’21’
16’ x 28’24’
16’ x 32’27’
18’ x 33’30’

What Makes a Semi-Inground Pool Brand Good?

A semi-inground pool is stylish and allows for a lower price entry point than inground pools. Finding the right brand to suit your needs is all about finding high-quality manufacturers to ensure that your oasis lasts many summers.

You also want to ensure that the pool you will have installed will be aesthetically pleasing to your yard.

FAQs about Semi-Inground Poos

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about semi-inground pools.

Are semi-inground pools worth it?

For those who want the aesthetic of an inground pool but without the exorbitant costs, an investment in a semi-inground pool can be worth it. Compared to the estimated price tag of around $35,000 for an inground pool, a semi-inground pool is a stylish yet affordable option.

How deep can semi-inground pools be?

The depth of a semi-inground pool can vary based on pool size and shape. The standard wall panel height is 52 inches, so the deepest a semi-inground pool can be is roughly four feet deep.

How long does a semi-inground pool last?

Many factors come into play when determining how long a semi-inground pool will last. If properly maintained, a semi-inground pool can last up to 20 years. The average above-ground pool typically lasts up to 10 years.

What are the cost differences between in-ground, above-ground, and semi-inground pools?

The average cost to install an in-ground pool is roughly $35,000. That price point varies based on size and other features. 

An above-ground pool typically ranges from $1,000 for smaller models to upwards of $5,000 or more for higher-end models. 

For semi-inground pools, you will start with the cost of your above-ground pool. Factor in the costs of digging the hole to place it in and any additional installation fees, and you’re looking at an average price of around $10-12,000 to have a semi-inground pool installed.

More FAQs

What is the best semi in ground pool?

The best semi in-ground pool option is the Aquasport pools, which are specifically designed for both semi-in-ground and in-ground installations. Renowned as the strongest semi in-ground pool available, the Aquasport 52 comes with a full warranty for complete burial and installation as an in-ground pool. The possibilities for customization and features are endless with this exceptional pool.

What is the deepest semi inground pool?

The deepest semi-inground pool can reach a depth of up to eight feet, similar to traditional inground pools. For instance, lap pools typically have an average depth of four feet, while conventional pools often feature both shallow and deep ends.

Can semi inground pools have a shallow end?

Semi inground pools can indeed have a shallow end, with the available depth ranges varying depending on the shape and size of the pool. The shallow end can typically start at around 48 inches, while the deep end can reach depths of up to 8 feet.

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