7+ Best Pool Chemical Brands for Effective Cleaning

Prepare your pool with the best pool chemical brands like In The Swim, Revive, RX Clear, HTH, BioGuard, Intex, and Blue Wave for effective cleaning and maintenance.

best pool chemical brands

Spring or summer is perfect for swimming, and there’s nothing quite like a dip in your pool. However, you’ll need to thoroughly prepare before opening your swimming pool.

You’ll need to clean your pool with several chemicals to remove stains and algae and to keep your pool sanitized. But what products are the most effective? Keep reading to discover the best pool chemical brands to give your pool the care it needs. 

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The Best Pool Chemical Brands

During winter, your pool accumulates potentially dangerous bacteria and algae. It also collects many contaminants, making swimming risky without proper cleaning.

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Getting products from the best pool cleaning chemical brands will ensure that you effectively deal with contaminants and make your pool as safe as possible for swimming. Below are seven brands that stand out as effective pool cleaners.

1. In The Swim

In The Swim 3 Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets for Sanitizing Swimming Pools - Individually Wrapped, Slow Dissolving - 90% Available Chlorine - Tri-Chlor - 50 Pounds

In The Swim is one of the industry’s best pool cleaning chemical brands, with a wide range of pool chemicals. 

Their pool start-up kit contains pre-measured chemicals to keep your pool stain, rust, and scale-free. It also has a non-foaming, non-metallic algaecide to deal with various types of algae. You can swim in the treated water even after applying the algaecide.

Besides these impressive components, In The Swim’s kit has chlorine shock to kill tough algae and bacteria that may still be hanging around your pool after winter. For added effect, a clarifier removes dirt and other contaminants from your pool. 

As a well-regarded brand, In The Swim has been shipping pool chemical supplies since 1982. 

2. Revive

REVIVE! Swimming Pool Phosphate and Algae Remover Chemical for Pools - 32 oz

Revive has made a name for itself as one of the best pool chemical brands for its ease of use and versatility. It is ideal as a pool start-up, cleanup, and maintenance formula.

It’s a 5-in-1 formula, promising to do the work of several products. Revive consists of a clarifier, metal remover, flocculants, phosphate remover, and stain and scale remover.

This product is well-suited for unfilled pools, whether recently constructed or freshly renovated. When using it for a new pool, it treats the walls of the pool as it fills up with water.

If you have an existing pool, Revive’s “CLEAN UP” formula helps you deal with phosphate buildup, algae, metal removal, and descaling. Once added to the pool, it takes 24 and 48 hours for all the debris to sink to the bottom, and you can vacuum it up.” If you have an existing pool, Revive’s “CLEAN UP” formula helps you deal with phosphate buildup, algae, metal removal, and descaling. Once added to the pool, it takes 24 and 48 hours for all the debris to sink to the bottom, and you can vacuum it up.

Revive also has a weekly formula to keep your pool well-maintained throughout the swimming season.

3. RX Clear

Rx Clear Stabilized Granular Chlorine | One 50-Pound Bucket | Use As Bactericide, Algaecide, and Disinfectant in Swimming Pools and Spas | Fast Dissolving and UV Protected

The RX Clear brand has a comprehensive selection of chemicals for the entire pool season. This brand’s products range from chlorinating tablets, pool shock, chlorine alternatives, clarifiers, algaecides, balances, stain removers, and cleaners.

One of the most impressive is the RX Clear Spring Start-Up Kit. The kit is available for pools of up to 7,500, 15,000, and 30,000 gallons.

It contains pool shock, liquid metal remover, algaecide, conditioner, stabilizer, clarifier, alkalinity increaser, test strips, pH increaser, and decreaser.

In addition, RX Clear offers pool-closing products to help you prepare your pool for the winter season. Their closing products range from winterizing powders to shock and alkaline treatments.

4. HTH Pool Chemicals

HTH Pool Care Shock Advanced, Swimming Pool Chemical Prevents Bacteria & Algae, Cal Hypo Formula, 1 lb (Pack of 12)

HTH remains one of the best pool chemical brands in the industry. Their range of pool chemicals is compatible with all swimming pools, making them a versatile addition to your weekly pool maintenance routine.

The HTH lineup features the standout Super Shock Treatment Swimming Pool Cleaner. It kills bacteria and algae present in the water. Better still, it reduces the chlorine odor of your pool.

The Shock Super treatment pool chemicals come in different models, including 2-in-1, 4-in-1, and 7-in-1 formulations.

Another range of products from the HTH brand are chlorine sanitizers that help your pool’s chlorine last longer. 

If you are looking for an algae formula, HTH offers algae guard products that destroy and prevent mustard, green and black algae. Their formulations allow you to swim in the pool immediately after using them.

5. BioGuard

BioGuard SilkGuard Complete 3" Chlorinating Tabs (25 lb)

Pool season means clearing out the contaminants of the previous one. With that in mind, you may want to add clarity to your pool. 

BioGuard’s Pool Complete Weekly Treatment is a weekly maintenance formula designed to keep your water safe for swimming.

The formula works by reducing phosphates (food for algae) and preventing water rings from forming around your pool. 

Another product from BioGuard is the Banish Algaecide Chemicals, designed to remove all algae from your pool. You can use the formulation at the same time as pool shock treatments.

BioGuard’s products are ideal for small pools, including those less than 1,000 gallons.

6. Intex Swimming Pool Start-up Chemical Kit

Intex 29041EP, 7-Inch Floating Chemical Dispenser for Pools, White/Blue

The Intex Swimming Pool Start-up Chemical Kit is one of the best pool chemical brands to choose from for your spring or summer cleanup.

T pre-formulated and pre-measured chemicals (for pools of up to 10,000 gallons) to take the guesswork out of the quantities needed to keep your pool clean.

It features various formulations, such as a clarifier, shock, and metal controls. Other components include a pH increaser and reducer, an alkalinity increaser and reducer, cyanuric acid, sanitizer, an algaecide, and pool enzyme treatment.

You also get test strips to help you check your pool’s chemical balance.

7. Blue Wave  

Blue Wave Endurachlor Salt Chlorine Generator for Up to 15,000-Gal Pool

Blue Wave offers a range of pool care equipment and chemicals, like pool start-up kits, winterizing kits, and pool cleaning materials.

The Blue Wave Pool Chemical Spring start-up kit consists of an algaecide, a scale remover, shock treatment, and a clarifier. Its pre-formulated and pre-measured chemicals are optimized for pools of 7,500, 15,000, and 30,000 gallons. 

Once you purchase the start-up kit, simply pour the chemicals into the water. Remember that you may need to balance your pool’s pH again.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pool Chemicals

Want to know more about pool chemicals? We have the answers to some frequently asked questions below!

What are the best brands of pool chemicals?

The best brands of pool chemicals include HTH, Revive, In The Swim, and BioGuard. What sets these brands apart is their impressive range of effective cleaning products.

Does it matter what brand pool chemicals you use?

It matters what brand of pool chemicals you use. Every brand has a unique lineup with different components, some of which might not be suitable for your pool. So, choose only the best pool cleaning chemical brands when shopping.

Are all brands of pool chemicals the same?

Not all brands of pool chemicals are made equal. Some are poor quality and do not deliver the promised results. It may cost you more to repair the damage they do to your pool.

Is HTH a good pool brand?

HTH is a reputable brand that produces trusted, high-quality pool care universal products.

What’s the price range for pool chemicals?

You’ll spend about $20-$80 on chlorine, $30-$50 on pool shock, $25-$30 on pool clarifiers, and about $30 on water stabilizer. Overall, you can expect to spend between $180 and $700 on pool chemicals annually.

The actual cost of pool chemicals depends on the size of your pool and the frequency of maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Having the perfect pool takes a lot of maintenance, but you can’t use any old product to restore it to its proper condition. With this list of the best pool chemical brands, you have a high-quality selection to choose from (or consider chlorine alternatives). All you have to do is start cleaning and get ready to swim!

More FAQs

Is HTH a good brand for pool chemicals?

HTH Pool Care Shock Advanced is a recommended brand for pool chemicals, especially for those looking for a versatile option that doesn’t increase CYA levels. This granule formula is convenient to use and can be easily applied, although it may require the assistance of a brush to fully dissolve the product.

What chemicals are bad for a pool?

The chemicals that are harmful for a pool include perfume, sunscreen, body lotion, excessive chlorine, petroleum-based products, impure chlorine, and shock (avoiding direct application into the pool).

Does it matter what brand pool chemicals you use?

It matters what brand of pool chemicals you use. The choice of pool chemicals you make will greatly affect your pool experience. It can determine whether you find pool care to be a hassle or relatively simple.

How do I get the right chemicals for my pool?

To get the right chemicals for your pool, you should adjust the total alkalinity within the ideal range of 80-120 ppm. Additionally, it is important to adjust the pH levels within the ideal range of 7.4-7.6 and balance the calcium hardness between 200-400 ppm. Furthermore, you should add a sanitizer such as chlorine, bromine, or biguanide within the ideal range of 3 ppm (chlorine). It is also recommended to measure the total dissolved solids and shock the pool when necessary. Lastly, regularly test the water to ensure proper chemical balance.

Is there a difference in pool chemical brands?

There is a difference in pool chemical brands. A higher quality product typically contains approximately 70% available chlorine active ingredient, while cheaper options may have only 40% or less available chlorine. The same applies to other active ingredients such as Calcium Hypochlorite.

What is the most popular pool chlorine?

The most popular pool chlorine is Calcium-Hypochlorite, commonly referred to as Cal-Hypo. It is widely utilized as a pool sanitizing solution due to its extended shelf life and optimal performance in fresh water pools. Cal-Hypo is a favored choice for pool owners seeking to maintain balanced chlorine levels.

Can you put too many chemicals in a pool?

It is possible to put an excessive amount of chemicals in a pool. Having an excessive amount of chlorine in the pool water can pose risks. High levels of chlorine exposure can lead to lung irritation, skin and eye damage, and trigger asthma. This not only affects your health negatively but can also have adverse effects on the pool itself due to the chlorine concentration being elevated.

What is the most important chemical in a pool?

The most important chemical in a pool is chlorine, which acts as a sanitizer to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. Chlorine is available in liquid, powder, and tablet forms. When chlorine reacts with water, it produces hydrochloric acid, a compound that effectively combats bacteria.

Does chlorine brand matter?

The brand of chlorine does matter. There are notable variations in the quality of chlorine tablets and pool shock, leading to tablets that dissolve too quickly and leave a sticky residue, as well as granular products that separate too slowly and leave a hazy residue behind.

Which is better HTH or Clorox?

The better option between HTH and Clorox is HTH. It is a highly regarded brand that may be slightly pricier than chlorine-based shocks. However, it offers better value in the long term as it is more gentle on your hot tub equipment. Additionally, our dedicated guide provides numerous tips on how to effectively shock a hot tub.

Is Clorox a good brand for pool chemicals?

Clorox Pool & Spa Salt Pool Shock Oxidizer is a chlorine-free option that we suggest for pool chemicals. It is suitable for saltwater and bromine-treated pools and has a quick action, allowing you to enter the water within just 15 minutes.

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