18+ Surprising Statistics About Swimming You Need To Know

Swimming is a popular cardio workout, with surprising stats like only 45% of adults can swim, 350,000 Americans swim competitively, and buoyancy reduces up to 90% of body weight.

Swimming is one of the most popular cardio work experiences, leaving a person feeling better than running or cycling. It offers a fun way to exercise, especially on a hot summer day.

It is a professional sport for others, and many athletes have set some surprising records. Dive in to learn some of the most fascinating statistics about swimming.

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Top 10 Statistics About Swimming

Here are the top statistics about swimming that you need to know:

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  • Only 45% of adults can swim.
  • About 80% of Americans claim they can swim.
  • 87% of infant deaths happen at home.
  • 350000 Americans can swim competitively.
  • There are 3100 swimming clubs in America.
  • Buoyancy helps in reducing up to 90% of body weight.
  • 91% of swimming injuries occur in the shoulders.
  • 64% of American enjoy swimming as a sport
  • 88% of infant drowning occurs in the presence of an adult.
  • 90% of drowning fatalities occur in low-income countries. 

Read on to discover more statistics about swimming.

Overall Statistics About Swimming

There are multiple surveys about swimming both as an exercise and sport. They give us an overview of how fun and competitive the activity is worldwide. These statistics about swimming show that it is universal for people of all ages.

45% Of Adults Globally Can Swim (The Swimming Site)

A survey of 150,000 participants across 142 by Lloyd’s Register Foundation shows that 45% of adults can swim. The survey was from people over 15 years and from different backgrounds globally. It shows that 55% will require help if they undertake recreational activity.

80% Of Americans Claim They Can Swim (Local 3 News)

While about 80% of Americans claim they can swim, many cannot. A survey from the American Red Cross shows only 56% of them can perform five basic skills. The other 44% admit they will take a basic swimming test.

87% Of Toddler Drowning Fatalities Occur in Home Pools (Red Cross)

87% of drowning cases for children below five years occur in home poops and tubs. Most cases occur in pools owned by friends or family. Those between 5-17 are likely to drown in natural water sources.

350000 People Can Competitively Swim in America (Get One Desk)

Across the United States, there are close to 350000 competitive swimmers. The figure represents those considered year-round athletes. An additional 40000 people can swim competitively but are not considered athletes.

There Are 3100 Swimming Clubs in America (USA Swimming)

USA Swimming is the country’s governing body for competitive swimming. Across the United States, it has registered over 3100 swimming clubs. The club has about 400,000 members. They also provide professional coaching and structured training for competitive swimmers.

Swimming Reduces up to 90% Of Your Weight in Water (Aqua 4 Balance)

Buoyancy is essential as it helps a person stay afloat even if they are not swimming. A swimmer will reduce weight from 75%-90% with a chest-to-neck immersion. Medical research shows that medical buoyancy helps reduce limb pain and promotes natural healing.

Up to 91% Of Swimming Injuries Occur in the Shoulders (PubMed Central)

A National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) survey shows a shoulder injury prevalence rate of 40%-90%. The data also show about four injuries per 1000 hours of training. 

64 Million Swimmers Enjoy Swimming as a Sport (Get One Desk)

Most people globally perceive swimming as a leisure activity. Only about 64 million people enjoy swimming as a sport and exercise routine every year. The survey shows it comes second to walking for those who enjoy swimming regularly.

88% Of Child Drownings Happen With Adult Presence (National Drowning Prevention Alliance)

According to Stop Drowning Now, a swimming educational platform, 88% of children drowning fatalities occur when at least one parent is present. The statistics about swimming show that over 850 children die each year.

90% Of Drowning Fatalities Occur in Middle and Low-Income Countries (The Guardian)

Household income plays a role in drowning cases, as over 90% occur in middle and low-income countries. Each year over 370000 unintentional cases of drowning are recorded.

The Average Speed for 100 Meter Swim (Live Strong)

The speeding speed of a swimmer depends on several factors, such as age and skill. According to U.S. Masters Swimming, a hundred-meter dash would take an average swimmer 2 minutes. 

4.7 Million People in England Swim Twice a Month (Sport England)

Swimming ranks as the fifth most popular activity in England. It attracts many, but unfortunately, all have the time to do it regularly. Only about 4.7 million people take on swimming twice or more a month. 

Drowning Risk Variance Based on Race (Red Cross)

African-American children have a 78% risk of drowning, while Caucasian children have a 67% risk. The lowest are Hispanics, with a risk rate of 62%. It is important to note that African-American children are at a 5.5 times higher risk rate than any child of similar age. 

Fewer People Are Swimming in Singapore (Statista)

Statista Research Department’s report shows a significant decrease in people swimming in Singapore. In 2012 approximately 2.53 million people visited swimming pools. It shows a decline of about 4 million people over two years.

Swimming Is the #1 Cause of Accidental Death for Children (Centers for Disease Control)

In the United States, there are about 4000 fatal accidental drownings each year. This translates to about 11 drowning every day. For each child that dies from drowning other 7 receive emergency care for non-fatal drowning.

About 14.8% Of Adults Can Swim in Australia (State of Play Report)

Nearly 3 million adult Australians can swim. This accounts for about 14.8%, according to the Australian Sports Commission. More than 56% of the swimmers are female.

Balance in the U.S. Diving Team (Swimming World)

A report by SHARP Center for Women and Girls shows there is balance in the United States diving Olympic team. The 2012 Olympic Games had 50% female and 50% male participation. The synchronized swimming had 100% female participation.

20% Of Drowning Cases Globally Are From Africa (South African Medical Journal)

According to research conducted by WHO in 2018, Africa accounts for all drowning cases. The mortality rate is about 13.1 per 100000 people.

Wrap Up

These statistics about swimming show that swimming offers a fun way to exercise. It’s also a form of meditation.

Children are the most vulnerable to accidental drowning. Ensure you are on the lookout if you have a poll at home. The reports and survey also show that more people deny their lack of swimming skills. 

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